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Dental Treatment for Children

For children who cannot be treated using conventional means and people with disabilities, we provide dental treatment under general anesthetic (inhalation anesthesia). In such cases, we work with our colleagues from the anesthetic practice in the Elisenpalais Clinic. Such treatment is usually carried out in the morning, because patients must not eat or drink before the anesthetic.

After an examination and a patient briefing by us and the anesthetist about what will happen during the treatment, the patient is given an appointment for surgery.

The treatment usually starts with the anesthetist placing a mask over the patient’s mouth and nose. Only later, when the patient is already asleep, is an intravenous line inserted. This enables a completely pain-free treatment where the patient does not even see a hypodermic needle, which can be distressing, especially for children. When we use this procedure, the anesthetist is assisted by an anesthetic nurse.

We can perform all types of operation: fillings, extractions, removal of supernumerary teeth, and so on... All the necessary treatment is usually performed in one sitting. When the operation is over, patients and the persons accompanying them must stay at the practice for approximately another two hours, so we can monitor patients while they sleep and recover. After that, they are allowed home.