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Facial Surgery/ Dermatosurgery

By dermatosurgery, we mean operations on the skin and skin appendages (for example, the sebaceous glands).

Such operations are necessary:

  • To remove benign or malignant changes to the skin, for example, basalioma/spinalioma (non-melanoma skin cancer), prominent moles

  • To investigate and precisely diagnose skin disorders using a biopsy (taking of sample tissue)

  • In the case of cosmetic surgery, to remove benign changes to the skin (for example, unwanted moles, age warts, or skin tags)

During an appointment, the skin disorder will be examined in detail. We will then explain to you the clinical diagnosis and the possible treatments. We will also detail exactly what the operation will involve and discuss with you any possible risks that could arise.

These operations are generally carried out under local anesthetic. However, if you wish, you can also have twilight sedation.

Of course, we also provide post-operative care.

In cases of malignant skin diseases, regular follow-up examinations are necessary.